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Yeruham Lake Park

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Yeruham Lake Park

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Yeruham Lake Park

Yeruham Lake Park covers ~300 dunams west of the city. At the western edge is a dam and a large lake of ~300 dunams (second largest in Israel, after the Kinneret). We can take the small incline, right of the dam, toward a

spectacular observation point of the lake and the birds dipping within and flying above. The lake is surrounded by a large forest and lawns with shaded areas, picnic tables and public restrooms.

The park gladly hosts activities, concerts and a variety of events – public and private – and we recommend that you read more about them on the Park’s Facebook page at:


Groups of more than 30 people, camping or holding events at the Park, must be coordinated in advance.

Tourism Projects under Construction

Lake Ring Promenade (A): Stage I of the Lake Promenade project, also called the “Switzerland Promenade”.  It begins at the entrance to the Park and continues to the pier at the Park’s center.  The promenade offers a pedestrian and cycling trail, street furniture and lighting.  Most parts of the promenade are shaded, as it goes through the pine forest.  The promenade is being built by the KKL thanks to a donation from KKL Switzerland.

Future Tourism Projects

  1. Lake Ring Promenades: Walking, biking and minicar trails beginning at the entrance to the park, passing through the pine forest and along the banks of the lake, enabling visitors to circle the lake throughout the entire park. Stage A is underway, Stage B will begin in 2017 and Stage C is in the planning phase.

Yeruham Lake Park is a unique desert oasis, a green long and body of water in the heart of the desert wilderness.  The park begins at a dam built by Mekorot in 1953, aiming to collect the floodwater from the Revivim (Shualim, Yeruham and Avnon) Stream and to use them for field irrigation and the study of dam construction.  The field irrigation attempt was unsuccessful, but Lake Yeruham grew and developed into an impressive ecosystem that sustains many kinds of fish, amphibians, waterfowl and migrating birds.


The lake is surrounded by a forest of pine, tamarisk and eucalyptus trees planted by KKL over the years and covering ~550 dunams.  Visitors can have picnics at the park and even enjoy outdoor camping grounds (groups must coordinate their arrival in advance at adim@ylc.org.il.

The park itself is a great place for trips and picnics in the forest area, with its tables and grilling spots, or on the expansive lawns.  Visitors can embark on various hiking trips in the area: Yeruham stronghold and its Nabatean city, Shualim Stream, Rachma Ridge, the Sternbergia reserve and more.

The campsite is part of Yeruham’s comprehensive tourist plan, which includes a constant increase in tourist attractions, the Irus HaMidbar Hotel and guest rooms in the city, as well as a tour operator conference that convenes regularly to develop incoming tourism packages and more.

  1. Floating shelters: The Promenade Plan includes floating shelters for birdwatching, hidden in the thicket and enabling an up-close look at 280 species of birds living in the park.
  2. Yeruham Dam Bridge: Promenade Stage B, ending at the dam, and Promenade Stage C, starting at the dam and going along the southern bank, will be linked by a bridge over the dam, enabling visitors to cross from one bank to the other and observe floods from above when the dam overflows.


A beautiful event tent at the center of the park, donated by COMO (formerly Conduit).  The tent is a huge garden encircled space that can transform into any kind of venue, using the right accessories.  The tent is used for private events, fun and social days for companies, municipal events and more.

  1. Park Center: Restoring the area of the small lake, creating a constant stream of reused water, playground facilities with freshwater wading pools, extreme cycling trails and a tourist center.
  2. Campsite: Campsite planning has been completed and it consists of two permanent tents for groups, a permanent tent for activities and catering services, four air conditioned and accessorized permanent tents for families and travelers, eight constructed accommodations, an American-style caravan site and service infrastructures. All structures are located among the shading pine trees.  The campsite is expected to complement the experience for visitors to Yeruham and the region, since Yeruham is located at an interesting intersection for travelers – allowing for star tours to a variety of trails and attractions.

The permanent tents are intended mainly for schools and youth movements, as well as a venue for private events and accommodating large groups.  The campsite stream will flow between the guest homes and the caravan campsite (as part of the Park Center plan), adding a “resort” atmosphere and upgrading the experience at the site.

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