לורם איפסום הוא כינוי לטקסט חסר משמעות לחלוטין - הנקרא לפעמים גם דמי טקסט או ג'יבריש - ומיועד להיות ממוקם בסקיצות עיצוביות - של עלונים, מגזינים, מודעות, אתרי אינטרנט וכו' - במקום הטקסט האמיתי הסופי - עד שיהיה טקסט אמיתי.

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Gilgulim Studio

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Gilgulim Studio

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Gilgulim Studio

Gilgulim - Art, creation and DIY ecological studio. The studio applies fine art techniques, recycling and reusing materials found in nature. The inspiration is derived of the magical Yeruham, its enveloping desert and the simplicity of our everyday lives. Visitors can join or request workshops at the studio and purchase gifts at the gallery. Workshops for toddlers, children, youths, adults and families.
Workshops for Bat Mitzvah girls and special days.
Regular classes in educational institutions.
Workshops for kindergarten teachers, schoolteachers and educators - working with natural waste and other materials found in nature.

Open studio for free creation – Every 2-3 weeks.

The studio, a pearl of creative activities, can hold up to 14 creators within and up to 25 on the balcony, when the weather permits.

Contact Details:

Tel. Meital Glazer-Avigad :0523262842

Address: 34 Nachal Ze’elim St., Yeruham

Website: www.gilgulim.net
Facebook: סטודיו גלגולים
Instagram: meitalgigulim

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