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Glentz Beer

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Glentz Beer

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Glentz Beer

Glentz Beer started out in a small pot in Yeruham with a great deal of curiosity and the understanding that failure is possible. But when you do things with love, you eventually create flavors and aromas of a desert beer that is hard to put down – it’s so good, that even the camels want a sip.

Contact Details:

Supplier Name: Moshe Glentz

Mobile: +972-52-727-6100

E-mail: mosheglantz@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/glentzbeer/
Website: https://www.glentz-beer.com/

Today, in addition to the homemade brewing, where we use produce from Negev producers and suppliers, we brew our beer at the Shitta Brewery in Arad – as part of our desire to enable local entrepreneurs and manufacturers to grow.

Our beer is available at several pubs, bars and stores in Yeruham and, of course, in Be’er Sheva, Negev settlements, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and we are still growing, thanks to you.

We share the inspiration for our beer on each label, introducing sites or phenomena seen in the Yeruham area, where it all began.

Moshe Glentz say that he always liked drinking beer, but he only entered the world of boutique beer and domestic brewing five years ago.  The idea brewed within him for two years but it finally emerged when he relocated from Jerusalem to Yeruham with his family, to the enchanted atmosphere that can only be found here – a special desert town between the dramatic natural crater and the lake – a desert oasis serving hundreds of thousands of animals.

The brewery offers a workshop and lecture about the Yeruham beer, as well as a beer-brewing seminar throughout the year – if you’re over 18.

After endless attempts at home, he finally achieved several winning desert beer recipes that taste really good:

Blond – A light and unfiltered beer, characterized by fruity flavors, a light bitterness and honey aroma.

Dark – Dark unfiltered beer with a rich body, similar to the Irish stout, offering a pleasant bitterness, a unique and velvety texture and roasted flavors combining chocolate and coffee.

Wheat – Unfiltered American-style wheat beer with a tropical fruit aroma, kicking bitterness and a delicate and summery texture (4.7%).

Triple – Unfiltered strong and golden Belgian beer, combining a fine bittersweet flavor, a fruity and tangy taste that conceal the high alcohol content.

Peony – Yellowish-reddish light unfiltered pale ale.  Characterized by a fruity body, pleasant bitterness and refreshing sting.

So far, three of the beers have won competitions: Bronze Medal at the 2016 Mevashlim Competition with the Blond, Silver Medal at the 2018 Brew Israel Competition with the American-style wheat bear and a Silver Medal at the 2018 Brew Israel Competition with the dark, stout style beer.