לורם איפסום הוא כינוי לטקסט חסר משמעות לחלוטין - הנקרא לפעמים גם דמי טקסט או ג'יבריש - ומיועד להיות ממוקם בסקיצות עיצוביות - של עלונים, מגזינים, מודעות, אתרי אינטרנט וכו' - במקום הטקסט האמיתי הסופי - עד שיהיה טקסט אמיתי.

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Studio Zuak

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Studio Zuak

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Studio Zuak

Zuak is a unique studio of Moroccan art in Israel, based on the art of Zuak, which I learned from a local artist in Marrakesh, Morocco. I invite you to leave the world behind and enjoy a taste of the wonders of Morocco. Enjoy the various workshops on colorful Moroccan art and design and go away with a beautiful Moroccan piece of your own design and an experience that will stay with you after you go home. Active year-round. Call to coordinate in advance:
Small tile workshop | 2 hours | Teenagers and above

Large tile workshop | 3 hours | Teenagers and above
Moroccan stool workshop | 5 hours | Teenagers and above

The studio is open Sunday – Thursday, 09:00-15:30.

To schedule a workshop on Friday or after opening hours, contact Hadassah.

Contact Details:

Supplier name: Hadassah Itzhak

Mobile: 0525603121
E-mail: zuakstudio@gmail.com

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