לורם איפסום הוא כינוי לטקסט חסר משמעות לחלוטין - הנקרא לפעמים גם דמי טקסט או ג'יבריש - ומיועד להיות ממוקם בסקיצות עיצוביות - של עלונים, מגזינים, מודעות, אתרי אינטרנט וכו' - במקום הטקסט האמיתי הסופי - עד שיהיה טקסט אמיתי.

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Shualim Stream

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Shualim Stream

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Trails Around Yeruham – Shualim Stream

The red trail begins on Bornstein St., at the circle between HaShaked Neighborhood and the industrial zone, goes through the Forest of the Fallen at the front of the stadium and descends to a stream that our children call “Dorbanim Stream”, which goes through a small canyon whose stone surface reveals a round granary

surrounded by stones decorated with dozens(!) of ancient rock paintings reflecting the variety of animals and occupations special to the region over the last two millennia (a “transparent mark” of ~100m, from the top of HaYotzer Waterfall to the small canyon leads to the granary and the rock art).

channel, where there are about 10 craters that, following a flood, become deep and enchanting water holes with small and large waterfalls.  This is the “icing” for our trail.

After swimming in the water holes (when they are full) or just taking a short break on the stones around them, we will continue to the main channel and enter our canyon segment.

We will go through “Gev Shualim”, also beautiful and large after rainfall, providing easy access suitable for little children too.  We will then continue downstream until we leave the narrow part of the stream into a broad valley where we will reach Havat Na’ama and, by walking along the farm’s southern fence, we will reach the road leading to Sde Boker.

From here, the red mark continues to the edge of the crater upstream until it crosses the tributary that separates it from Shualim Stream with a nice tall saddle.  Descending from the saddle to Shualim Stream, we are just five minutes away from one of the most beautiful observation points at the edge of the Large Crater.  The only reason that the marking does not continue to the crater itself is the NPA’s refusal to permit marking trails in the nature reserve around the crater, but the well-traveled trail is evident to all.

Whether we glimpsed beyond the edge of the crater or not, we will continue with the marking down the Shualim Stream, until we reach a small tributary south of the main