לורם איפסום הוא כינוי לטקסט חסר משמעות לחלוטין - הנקרא לפעמים גם דמי טקסט או ג'יבריש - ומיועד להיות ממוקם בסקיצות עיצוביות - של עלונים, מגזינים, מודעות, אתרי אינטרנט וכו' - במקום הטקסט האמיתי הסופי - עד שיהיה טקסט אמיתי.

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Atid BaMidbar – Creative Academy

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Atid BaMidbar – Creative Academy

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Atid BaMidbar - Creative Academy

Atid BaMidbar, community content tourism: Touch, meet, taste and experience:
Atid BaMidbar tourism, quality content in Yeruham and its surroundings for groups and the entire family.

Contact Details:
Tel.: 08-6585484
E-mail: shai@bamidbar.org
Facebook: www.facebook.com/bamidbar

Adress – nahal zin 42

outskirts of Yeruham. We will learn about the Bedouin lifestyle, changes in Bedouin society and the challenges and hardships encountered by Israel’s Bedouins.

Kites and Vision

A creative activity where, using simple means, participants will build a kite, inscribe their vision or wishes on them and send them into the air. The discussion begins with the selection of cards with various statements regarding the vision.

It is followed by building a kite with a personal vision and sharing it with others. and then… flying the kite… After sending the kite off, we will discuss the tangent points and similarities of developing a vision and sending off a kite. A fun activity that fosters cooperation and thought among the team members. Highly suitable for workplaces and groups that want to enhance their acquaintance and discuss organizational DNA in a fun and different manner.


Resident panel:

Resident panel: Meeting with various generations of residents who arrived in Yeruham. Beginning with a meeting with a veteran resident who was an “incidental pioneer”, revealing painful stories of the first days of the town, peppered with humor, hope and optimism. An intriguing and funny session, filled with love and Zionism.

Atid BaMidbar tourism tells the story of Yeruham’s pioneers as described by its various populations, as well as the story of the Yeruham miracle. How – at the end of the world – did Yeruham turn into a developing town where it is difficult to buy a home.

We lead, devise and create a full day of value oriented and fun activities, providing the participants a sense of contribution.

Instruction is offered in Hebrew, English and Russian.

Available programs: One content unit to two or more days of instruction.

List of recommended activities in Yeruham


Yeruham’s Cooks – Offering an expansive Moroccan feast in an authentic home of one of “Yeruham’s Cooks”. A social project in which the group is hosted in a local home and served a meal, consisting of: eight types of salad, appetizer, couscous, main course, various side dishes, dessert, tea and coffee  The true experience is meeting and hearing the touching stories told by Yeruham’s residents.

Tour between the crater and the lake:

Tour between the crater and the lake: A hike including nature. History and landscape observation points in Yeruham. From the lake and Hagar’s Well, through the city to Yeruham Crater. A tour that combines a human view with a surprising landscape of water, greenery, history and the desert. (Bicycles can be added to the tour(.

Why the Torah was given in in the Desert:

Why the Torah was given in in the Desert: Group studies in the heart of the desert or at an amazing observation point of Mt. Avnon. The groups address issues of Jewish identity and spirituality.

The combination of learning and nature provides another dimension to textual learning. We will experience the group study atmosphere and discover that Judaism belongs to all of us. A deep and enjoyable session that leads people to think about core values.

 The Indian Congregation and Sha’arei Rachamim Synagogue

The wonderful story of the Indian immigrants (Beth Israel Congregation). Life in Bombay and their arrival in Yeruham. Congregation customs. The tour includes a visit to the Indian synagogue and may include a body drumming activity with Yigal Dan, Head of the Rag Sounds Band, drummer and musician.

The Indian experience can be enriched with an Indian meal prepared by Yeruham’s cooks.

Followed by a meeting with the religious Zionism settlers and ending with young Yeruham natives who choose to return and build their home in Yeruham. We will try to understand the “Yeruham Miracle” and how it is relevant to your lives.

Science and Robotics in Yeruham:

In recent years, Yeruham has developed into a science and robotics superpower. A meeting with those who initiated the educational revolution and representatives of the robotics team will change your mind about Yeruham, entrepreneurship, education and youths. The tour includes a session and explanations at the robotics team’s activity workshop and/or science center.


Find the Spot:

Find the Spot in Yeruham: An interactive scavenger hunt in which groups of up to 13 are sent out with a map and questions for an investigative task and various challenges throughout Yeruham. The game involves the use of cell phones. At many sites, scanning a barcode will introduce a character that will talk about the location. At the end of the journey, each group will present what it learned as we edit and show a clip of photos and interviews sent by the participants during the day.

Salima – The story of a Bedouine entrepreneur in an unrecognized village:

Meet Salima, a Bedouin mother of seven who fights, against all odds, to change women’s status in the village of Rahma, an unrecognized Bedouin village on the