לורם איפסום הוא כינוי לטקסט חסר משמעות לחלוטין - הנקרא לפעמים גם דמי טקסט או ג'יבריש - ומיועד להיות ממוקם בסקיצות עיצוביות - של עלונים, מגזינים, מודעות, אתרי אינטרנט וכו' - במקום הטקסט האמיתי הסופי - עד שיהיה טקסט אמיתי.

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From the wells to the Sternbergia Parking Area

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From the wells to the Sternbergia Parking Area

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Trails Around Yeruham – From the Wells to HaHelmoniot Parking Area

crosses the red mark from Shualim Stream and continues toward the Yeruham Stronghold – a remnant of a large and established Nabatean settlement whose farmlands spanned along the entire trail.

The blue trail, beginning at the Revivim Stream parking lot marked in blue (HaHelmoniot blue trail), crosses Revivim Stream and continues northeast, near the Yeruham-Sde Boker Road. 400m down the trail, it

mandatory Hagar’s Well, which was dug and reinforced by the British and which served as a main station for Palmach journeys in the 1940’s.  Rudy Kleiner (Amnon Zair) took part in one of these journeys and later (9 January 1951) decided to establish the “Yeruham Shantytown” near Be’er Sheva, which he remembered fondly.

All that we have to do is recommend that you wear shoes, be sure to have plenty of water and prepare to hike near home and have a great time…

Following a short tour of the stronghold, we will descend to the age-old forests of Yeruham Park.  The markings lead us to the new structure at the entrance to the lake.  From here, we can continue ~150m into the forest (unmarked), near the Avnon Stream channel, to the ancient Hagar’s Well (Bir Rahma) where, according to Muslim tradition, Genesis Chapter 21, Hagar threw her son, Ishmael, into the bushes.  The well is surrounded by a wire fence, but enthusiastic children should be supervised, so they don’t fall in…

After visiting the ancient well, we can cross the forest, ~200m eastward, arriving at the