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Yeruham Lake Park

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Yeruham Lake Park

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Yeruham Lake Park

Lake Yeruham Park is a unique oasis, filled with greenery and a spectacular body of water in the heart of the desert wilderness. The park began with a dam built by the Mekorot Company in 1951, to store the floodwaters that came along the from Nahal Revivim, Shualim and Avnun route and designating them for irrigating fields and learning about the construction of dams. The irrigation of the fields was not successful, but Lake Yeruham grew and developed into an impressive ecosystem, which sustains many species of fish, amphibians, waterfowl and migrating birds.
Around the lake, there is a pine forest and eucalyptus trees that spread over an area of about 500 dunams. They were planted over the years by the JNF.

The park itself is filled with walking and biking paths. lawns, picnic spots, tables and BBQ stands. From here you can go on several hiking trips in the area: Mitzpe Yeruham and the remains of the Nabataean city, Nahal Shualim, Rahma Ridge, Yolk Reserve and more.
The park happily hosts various activities, shows and events - community and private; From time to time, and you should check them out on the park's Facebook page:
Accommodation for events in the park, must be arranged in advance for groups larger than 30 people.

5. Future projects:

    1. Promenade and Floating Trails (C): Phase C will run along the south bank of the lake. As part of the promenade project, floating paths will be built for bird watching that will be hidden in the undergrowth and allow a close look at the lives of the 270-winged species living in the park.
    2. Bridge over the Yeruham Dam: The connection between Phase B promenade, which ends at the dam, and Phase C promenade, which will begin at dam along the southern bank, will be via a bridge that will be built on top of the dam and will allow for river crossing.
    3. Heart of the Park: Restoration of the small lake area, playground facilities that include fresh water for paddling, challenging bike trails and a tourist center.

4. Agam Yeruham Park: KKL-JNF Wings Center

The JNF Wings Center is located in the heart of a real oasis- one of the most important nesting and stopping sites in the south of the country. In every migration season (autumn and spring), more than half a billion migratory birds pass through the skies of Israel. The birding center in Lake Yeruham Park is a window to the world of permanent and migrating birds in the south.

In this area a unique ecological system has developed. The park is a flagship site on ecological tourism in the country, and is a model for cooperation between nature, tourism and leisure. On site you can tour by foot or bike. There are guided birding tours during the day. And at night you can join a variety of tours : lantern, scorpion, bat and astronomy observations.

We  invite you to a unique and magical experience, in nature without partitions. Watch the birds, animals and unique vegetation, in their natural habitat.

Contact details: yeruhambirds@gmail.com

3. Overnight parking: A combined accommodation complex is currently being set up and includes two permanent tents for group accommodation, a permanent tent for activities and catering, four air-conditioned, equipped permanent tents for families and travelers, eight built B & Bs, an American-standard caravan park and service infrastructure. All the buildings are located among the pine trees planted in the place and provide shade. The night camp is expected to be used by Travelers in Yerhuam and the area – since Yeruham is located at an interesting junction for travelers, which allows star trips to a variety of routes and attractions in the area, the night camp will serve as a comfortable and inviting accommodation point.

The permanent tents are intended to be used mainly by schools and youth movements alongside private events to accommodate large groups. Between the B & Bs and the caravan park, there will be a night parking bus (part of the Heart of the Park program) that will add a “resort” atmosphere and upgrade the stay in the complex.

The night camp is part of Yeruham’s overall tourism program, which includes a constant increase in the number of attractions offered to tourists- the Iris Desert Hotel and B & Bs for accommodation within the city, a tourist forum that convenes regularly and develops hospitality packages for inbound tourism and more.

  1. Boardwalk Lake Project
    1. An array of promenades from the park entrance to depths of the forest and around the lake.
    2. Promenade Surrounding Lake (A): Phase A of the project is called “The Switzerland Promenade”, it begins at the park entrance and reaches the pier in the heart of the park. The paths, built for pedestrians and cyclists, will include resting areas and lighting. Most parts of the promenade are shaded as it passes through the heart of the pine forest. The promenade was built by the Jewish National Fund from the JNF.
    3. Promenade Surrounding Lake (B): Phase B of the project includes: Hiking, biking and golf trails along the north shore of the lake. Throughout the trail you will find orchard trees, accessible seating areas and an amazing hidden lookout forviewing of the 270 different bird species found in the park.

2. The Heart of the Park: A stream of purified effluent water that flows in the heart of the park and returns water to nature. The stream serves as an additional ecological point in the park. Contact with water is strictly forbidden!